lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

European Landmark Project in Germnany

Our European Landmark Group visited Garbsen (Germany) from 10th to 16th March. Germans received us & treated us as old friends.
We had been preparing the Project all Wednesdays, after class (Power Points about four landmarks: Christmas, Easter, Book Day and St. John’s Night; songs in Spanish & Basque and even a funny modern dance).

Once in Germany Hungarians, Basque/Spanish and Germans worked together putting the project in common: European landmarks along a whole year. They made a European Trinational Calender with those festivities.

Finally each trinational group presented their conclusions.

They also visited Hannover, Berlin and some of them even Hamburg

On Thursday they celebrated The National Evening Party where, no doubt, IES J.C.Baroja’s students did their best presenting their task, singing and dancing.