jueves, 31 de octubre de 2013

Comenius Corner at the School Hall

Our Comenius students at school have been working hard for the last five weeks. After a very short lunch time, every Wednesday they have been :
         - Discussing about the National Festivals and Celebrations
         - Thinking about the questions to work on those festivals
         - Sharing information and making teams
         - Updating documents before their next trip to Poland and Hungary.
         - Doing the previous work to bilateral sharing communication via the internet
A hard task, especially these days, when exams are calling on their doors.

jueves, 3 de octubre de 2013

Comenius First Meeting at school

Yesterday afternoon our students first met to give shape this year's Comenius project.
They had previously been summoned on Tuesday to enrole.

First, we introduced Miss Hannah Roscoe, our smiling Comenius Language Assistant, whom we can see in the pictures and who will be taking part in all the activities of the project.

Then, they thought and wrote about their profile to be sent to their European partners

 Later, we tried to establish two different groups. One of them will go to Poland and the other one to Hungary. The aim was to balance both groups but  also let the students choose the country if possible.

 Finally, before leaving, we took the first family picture for the blog and gave them their first "Comenius homework"

In the next picture we can see our 
Comenius participants' parents' picture 
at the end of the meeting where teachers explained to them about the 
project their children are going to take part in.