lunes, 24 de junio de 2013

1º ESO-PREE Last Project

1º ESO-PREE - End of an intense school year

1º ESO-PREE has worked intensely on their projects. Here is the last one about their portfolio. David and Abel show theirs.

However, to watch the real task and effort of creativity and presentation,  let's have a look at the following glogster.

martes, 4 de junio de 2013

MET First Meeting

Last Saturday, May 31st, our students of 1º and 2º ESO MET took part in the presentation of  all the projects carried out throughout the year.

Students of 1º ESO started by presenting the Project "English in the World", worked in the English lessons but especially worked in English  Workshop classes. A project  which was the contribution in English to the first MET project " Languages and Speakers",  carried out in our three languages.

Then, they explained how they made their project about biographies of famous comedians or people related to humour."Humour" was the topic for our second MET project in the three languages. They showed us their PPTs about Martin Lawrence and Juan Tamariz.

Finally the students of Drama Workshop performed one of the sketches and songs of their musical "Funny School Times-2"

After these lines, you can watch some videos of the students presenting their projects during the MET First Meeting. Some more videos can be watched through the links in this post.

During the next period, students of  2º ESO also presented their MET projects, which they had prepared in the subjects they learn in English. English language, Citizenship, English Workshop and T-COM.

So, different teams presented different projects from different points of views.

One of the teams talked about the tales they wrote as part of their first project. Another team explained the different steps they had taken to develop their second project, which was performed alive by three other students. In this second project, they worked about how Celebrities and NGOs help in case of Natural Disasters, the common topic in the three languages.

 The group that takes part in T-COM showed their posters about "Biomes" and the problems the Earth is facing nowadays. 

. . .and finally, as the last part of the  project, they showed the materials created about NGOs and celebrities' cooperation. To conclude, the pupils who study religion in euskara also showed their work on NGOs.

Our MET responsible teacher said "bye-bye" to the audience at the end of the meeting.

lunes, 3 de junio de 2013

COIN Batxilergoan

We worked hard in our COIN lessons during the second and third school terms en D model, 1.4, 1.5 and 2.4 batxilergoa.
We all learned how to make a poster on the internet; it's called glogster. We read articles, watched DVDs, listened to interviews... about risky sports and then we made the glogster about the sport we liked most.

 Our most important project was on English Speaking Countries, India, New Zealand, UK, the USA, South Africa, Ireland, Canada and Australia. We searched and worked hard on the country we chose and made a document and a PPT which included lots of useful information and a history timeline; we ended the project planning a trip.
 If you want to fall in love with Canada (I did) or know some more about UK, watch these beautiful presentations.

And our last project was a recipe. We watched Jamie Oliver cooking his fantastic recipes, learned that British food is not only Fish and Chips and dared to cook and bring the dishes to school.
Watch our students having a good time cooking