viernes, 16 de septiembre de 2016

DAY 13 - New York 2

UNO... Aladdin

By June and Jon Mikel

This morning we went to the United Nations. Our guide was a Chinese girl. She gave us a lot of interesting information. She showed us the General Assembly and other important rooms. She also explained to us some paintings about Human Rights and War Affairs in our world.

Later we went to the Gran Central Station and we had lunch there (Asier ordered fried chicken that  he couldn’t finish. Ibon and I ordered a hot dog). Afterwards, we visited the Fifth Avenue. We didn’t buy anything because all the shops were too expensive. Then, we went to China Town. The gifts there were much cheaper. If you come to New York you should buy the gifts in China Town. If you buy your gifts in Times Square you will spend a lot of money. After China town we went to Times Square again and there we had dinner at Dallas BBQ. We ate chicken, ribs and fries. It was delicious.

Finally, we went to watch the musical "Aladdin" in Broadway. We all enjoyed it very much because everything (actors, wardrobe, set design, tricks, etc.) was fabulous. Awesome! The actors sang very well and the music was fantastic. It was well worth. To finish the day, we took the bus and we went all together to sleep to the hotel

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