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Scituate - Getxo 2016 - DAY 1

Scituate-Getxo Student Exchange, Day 1 
by Ane and Laura.

Our 1st day!!!
After spending a great time on holiday, we have been waiting for this moment for so long... IT'S TIME TO START OUR AMERICAN  ADVENTURE! 

We were so excited that we didn't mind waking up early and meeting our friends at the airport. When we were all together, we started by checking in our lugagge and suddenly a big problem came out!!! Gaizka, who is coming with us, had a problem with his ESTA, the visa to enter the USA, and he had to do it again. When everything was solved we said goodbye to our families, we took a family picture, went through customs and took a plane to Madrid.


The flight was rather short and entertaining, as there was a profesional football team with us. They were very handsome and friendly. Once in Madrid, we took the subway of the airport and went to Terminal 4 RSU. There, our teachers gave us some advice about how to  live and behave in the USA.

At last we were going to take the plane to Boston!!!! We were completely  excited  because it was our first time flying with the classmates, It seemed that the minutes were hours. We all started watching films, sleeping, walking through the aisles and getting bored. When we arrived in Boston, we had to go through the police control. I was really nervous and my classmates too, because they took our fingerprints, some photos, and  asked some questions... We all went through, but Iker lost a paper and we had to wait for him to solve his problem. Finally, we went out and took the famous yellow school bus.

It took 1h to get to the high school. There they were, our partners waiting holding pretty posters with our names. We spoke to them and then each family took their students to their houses.

 I spoke to them on the way home and when I arrived at their house they showed me where the things and rooms were.Then, I gave them some presents that I had bought in Bilbao.  We spent time talking and then Ashley and I went to another student's house, with other girls to watch a film, have some food and speak about life. It was as if I were in an American film!!!
We had a great time there! 

Then they drove us to another student's house with a lot of other students participating in the exchange. We danced, played table-tennis, had more food, etc. It seemed as if  we had known each other for a long time. I really enjoyed my first day and I hope the following days will be like today or even better.

The experience is being better than I thought!

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