lunes, 13 de marzo de 2017


We met at Bilbao airport on Saturday at 3:30, after some time waiting, we said goodbye to our families and we took off from Bilbao at 5:20. 1h and 40 minutes later, we arrived at Amsterdam airport. We waited there until 19:50 and we took the plane to go to Bergen. At 23:30 we arrived in Bergen and we met our Norwegian partners. As it was too late, we got home and we rested.

On Sunday we met all our friends to go iceskating. It was fantastic and after being 2 hours iceskating we ate pizza in a restaurant. In the afternoon, we did some different plans, although some of us met. We got home to have dinner and then chill.

Monday was the first day at school. The principal came to give us the welcome. After that, we did a tour of the school. We were all the morning working in workshops about the Economic situation in our regions, the soft skills needed to get a job and possibilities to find an intnership.At half past eleven, we had lunch in the cafeteria. Before we left the high school, two experts from the company  Adecco came to give a speech. They talked about the Economic situation in Norway, the soft skills necessary to apply for a job and how to prepare your CV. At half past two, we took the bus to go to the shopping mall. There, we ate in the Burger King, where we stayed until half past four. We spent the afternoon playing paintball, we had a great time. At the end of the day, we went to Kaia’s house to play games, have a good time, chat, gossip…


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