lunes, 28 de mayo de 2012

Class Projeccts in 2º ESO

The aim in our 2º ESO groups has been to make our students participate in a more active way in the process of learning English.  Thanks to our Language assistant they have had the opportunity to interact in class using the English language at their level. Yet, another of our aims was to encourage our students to improve their reading and writing skills.

In order to improve their reading strategies, they have taken part in a project where they have been working with authentic materials related to food. This project was also carried out in 1º ESO.

Also, they have been asked to write about different topics such as music (favourite bands and singers) or about their families or their favourite leisure activities.

In our last project of the year about animals, our students have been able to write in English using the grammar and vocabulary contents of the book and have also proved to be very creative as shown in the photographs.

Students have benefited from the experience of creating their own work and also from watching their classmates´ work by means of enabling them to interact  with the English language .

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