miércoles, 24 de octubre de 2012

National & European Landmarks - 2

In order to prepare the presentations for the Germans who are coming to visit us next month, every Wednesday our students meet at the computer room after class.

They have been interviewing five people from at least three different generations about the topic National Identity, as part of the Project National and European Landmarks. They have asked five questions and now, as we can see in the pictures, they are collecting that information to be digitally treated.

Some of them will prepare a Timeline for the historical events; others will make Glogsters as digital posters, Power Points, Mind Maps, etc.  to present their survey.

Finally, together with the German students they will come to a decision about what we have in common and what our differences are.

martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

European Projects, 2012-2013

Once again, IES Julio Caro Baroja High School is involved in European Projects through Comenius.
Two meetings are being held this year.

A group of 17 German teens are coming to Getxo together with two teachers from Nov. 12th to Nov. 18th.. Once here, they will live with our  students'  families. They will visit Getxo, Bilbao and some emblematic places in The Basque Country. They will also be working with our students in the mornings  exchanging ideas and experiences, creating materials and presenting "National and European Landmarks -2".

In March, 2013 our students will go to Garbsen, a small town near Hannover, and meet students from Hungary, Poland, France and Germany. There they will try and make out what we all have in common and what we want to have in common.

In the following pictures we can see the students who will take part in the exchange and their first day working together.