lunes, 30 de mayo de 2016

Last Projects in COIN

In thses two pictures you can see our students in COIN this school year.

These last three months our students have been working on the project English Speaking Countries. They watched videos and learned about the culture and history of different countries, such as India, Canada, South Africa and Australia. Then, they worked in groups to create their beautiful presentations. They chose the country they wanted to work on and searched information about the geographical location, important cities, history, culture, religion, education, music, sports... They also created a history timeline using timetoast and finally, they planned a trip through the country, to present it, most of them used prezi. They gave oral presentations of their works, which you can see in the following links:

BAHAMAS                    NEW ZEALAND            AUSTRALIA

Our last topic was Food and most of our students prepared an extra project, at home, they cooked a dish that they like and took pictures. Then, they explained how they cooked the recipe to the rest of the students and some of them even brought their food to school and shared it with their partners. Delicious!!!!!



We hope you liked their projects!!!