martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

Day 6: Harvard

Day 6: Harvard, 

by Isabel and Gaizka

The first day of school started too early in the morning. In fact, by 7am all the Spanish students were already awake. I went to high school by car and when Chris and I arrived, hundreds of students were gathered at the entrance.  The American students seemed really excited to have some Spanish students walking around. I got to know some of them, as they were Chris's friends. We had homeroom as the first lesson of the school year. I was lucky  because I was with Irati, so I wasn't alone. By 9am the other Spanish Students and I left the high school in one of those yellow school buses. We were heading Harvard University. Once we were there, we got to know Ben, our tour guide, who had studied at Scituate High School. He told us the number of grades the university has, the different ways to apply and the importance of having excellent marks. He even showed us a classroom and explained to us how the lectures work there. By 3pm the visit had finished and the school bus came and picked us up. Once back at school, Avery's mother picked me and some students up and took us to Nathan's house, where we had dinner and spent a nice evening. Megan took me home around 9pm and I went to bed, hoping the following days would be as nice as today was.

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