lunes, 31 de marzo de 2014

Trilateral Meeting: March 28th, Friday

Friday has been an exciting work day. Teams have finished their tasks.  Some students have been to regular classes to present the project on Comenius Trilateral Meeting, and then they have presented the whole project to their pairs.

In the evening they have celebrated the National Evening Party. Polish Hungarians and Basque students have presented their countries by means of PPTs and videos. Ander Arias danced the "Agurra", and all students sang "Welcome home, to Europe".
After a food break where  the trikitixak played by Markel, Haize and Ane were listened to, they had a disco at the gym, which had been  beautifully decorated by the students.
Finally, the Image Team showed a video with "the best of the week" before leaving, which made all of them feel that something important had been done during the week.

domingo, 30 de marzo de 2014

Trilateral Meeting: March 27th, Thursday

Thurday has been a really hard day. But there has also been some entertainment time.
They started working dividing the big group into several teams to prepare the new activities:
- Some prepared the Presentation for regular English classes.
- Others worked hard with the Timeline to upload all the National Festivals from the three countries with all the information they had got.
- A third group prepared a Debate.
- A fourth one worked on a Roleplay.
- Others were wrting a Report for the Comenius blog.
- Onother team wrote another Report, but for the Comenius site.
- The image and sound team took pictures of everything and prepared the gym for the "National Evening"
-Finally, the big group prepared a short Drama Play on two of the festivals they had been working on: Christmas and World War II.
At break, after having a sandwich or a cup of coffee, they enjoyed two amusing activities: Basque dances and sports -Herri Kirolak-  led by them themselves.
A lot of energy, interest and work was given in the workshops.
In the evening, surfing, shops and TV interview were waiting for them
In the following PPT we can see a summary of the activities.

sábado, 29 de marzo de 2014

Bye-bye, our dearest Polish and Hungarian friends

Though you may expect a new post for Thursday, let's change the menu for today, Saturday 29th March.
Today it's been a day full of memories and affection:
Basque, Polish and Hungarian students have said bye-bye at La Paloma Airport, Bilbao.
All of them got there to check in on time, completely satisfied with the Comenius experience and, therefore, a bit sad for the friends' departure.
We could write pages and pages about the value of Comenius Experience, about the friendship of the peoples when they have a chance to live together, about the activities carried out during the workshops and the free activities in the evenings. However, we'll summarise all these things in a sentence:
Warm-hearted people always make earth and  life a wonderful place to live together.

Saturday, 29th March: Farewell at La Paloma, Bilbao

Good Luck, dear friends from Hungary and Poland.

Trilateral Meeting: March 26th, Wednesday

After finishing the calendar, the Polish, Hungarian and Basque students have taken the coach to visit Gernika...  on a rainy day.

But before, our English teacher, María Jesús Domínguez , gave them a small lecture about the Basque Country and the Basque Culture with the PPT that the Basque teacher Begoña Ibarra had previously prepared.

Wednesday, 26th March

Once in Gernika they visited the Assembly House from the outside, as there was a Plenary Session, and our former English teacher, Begoña Alcalá-Galiano, made an introduction to the history of Gernika, the "Fueros", and the bombarding of the city during the civil war and its consequences. Finally, she explained the importance of Gernika in the Basque modern society.
Then, they visited the Peace Museum, another important historial lesson for our students.
Mundaka, a natural paradyse in Bizkaia, surprised them for its beauty and the strength of nature. Bermeo is always a good end to this trip.

jueves, 27 de marzo de 2014

Trilateral Meeting in Getxo: March 25th, Tuesday

Hungarian, Polish and Basque students have been designing the national/European festivals by the month. They have shared pictures and information, made a collage and finished this first part of the project.

On the other hand, the interview that  Ane Ontoso from El Correo made them has been published:

In the afternoon, they visited the Diputación and the Guggenheim Museum.

miércoles, 26 de marzo de 2014

IES Julio Caro Baroja BHI, Comenius and El Correo

These days, news about the Comenius Project and our High School can be seen in our local newspapers, on this ocassion in EL CORREO.

And that's good, because the trinational student teams are working hard to deserve such mention and recognition.
Don't forget to watch the blog daily. You'll get wonderful surprises!

lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Trilateral COMENIUS Friends and Experiences

After a family weekend, time has come to start work.
Today Hungarian, Polish and Basque students have lived their first Trilateral Meeting experience. After playing some games to introduce one another, our official photographers took a picture of them, dressed in the T-shirt with the logo of IES Julio Caro Baroja BHI.

They visited our local Town Hall, where they were received by the town hall representative, and exchanged presents.

 And they even had enough time to walk the coast and beaches of Algorta

before getting to work in their first workshop, or before being interviewed by a reporter from El Correo

Life is really exciting when there is something special to do and discover

viernes, 21 de marzo de 2014

European Comenius Trilateral Meeting, March 2014

Next week, students and teachers from POLAND and Hungary are visiting us. We are holding the 
Trilateral Meeting of the European Project "Comenius" (24th -28th March). 
Our guests will have the chance to visit the most emblematic places in Getxo, Bilbao and Bizkaia
At the same time, we'll be working in the project at the school in trinational teams and they will also have the opportunity to know our school, our way of teaching and our style of  life, as they will be living with our families.
In the following video we can see our students presenting the last version of their Comenius song  -Welcome home, to Europe- especially composed for the ocassion.

For further infomation you can visit the Labels European Projects or Comenius in this blog.
You can also visit , a blog especially published for this project.