viernes, 18 de marzo de 2016

Day 5 - Working at School

On our 5th day in Garbsen, Wednesday, we worked very hard. We started the morning with a Panel Discussion. We listened to 6 different people talking about their experiences. Ms Kremkow (Counselor). Mr Jagla (Entrepreneur) ,Mr Scharnhorst and Mr Rosenthal (two Dual Studies Students), Mr Cardenas (Vocational Trainee from Spain) and Mr Kamphuis (Recruiting Manager)
Our students also asked questions and we all learned a lot from them such as the importance of soft skills when looking for a job.
Afterwards, the Principal of Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium talked to us about the importance of these European Projects and how we can all benefit from them.
In the afternoon, we went on working in our different workshops: Film making, Press Group, Photo Story, Advertisements and Role Playing. In them, we had to prepare creative products related to our topic: Youth Employment. All the knowledge acquired throughout these last six months was taken into account. We also video recorded some students´ opinions about the visits that took place on Monday and Tuesday.
Finally, we took a family picture in the school yard and were really happy reading the article published in Hannoversche Allgemeine Newspaper.  

In the morning, at 9 am, we met at school. We listened to people who are working or doing vocational training. At 11:45am, we had lunch at the canteen. At 2pm, we worked with the computers on the project that we have to do. When we finished, around 3:30 pm, we went back home. Later, we met at 6pm more or less. We prepared everything for the National Evening and at 7:30 pm it started. It finished at 9:30pm, so as soon as we cleaned the room, we went home. Alazne Lopategui

In the evening, we had a Cultural/National Evening. each country prepared something to show their partners, we had wonderful food and we sang and danced a little bit. we would have liked it to last longer, but by the time we left it was already 9:30.

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