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Visits to Companies and Institutions (days 3 and 4)

These two days were very especial. Instead of working at school, we visited different educational institutions and several companies in the area around Hannover. We were divided in groups with no more than 20 students in each group.

On Monday we visited four educational institutions. The International office of Leibniz University, a Vocational School, the Design Faculty in Hannover University and the Police Academy of Nienburg. We were given general information about them, which qualifications are required to enter them, the kind of studies offered, future careers and types of jobs that you will get once you get your degree there.

My group visited  the Design Faculty in Hannover University, where we learnt about the kind of studies offered there. We also learnt how important creativity and team work are to help you find a job. It was a very entertaining and interactive visit with practical games. Gaizka Garcia.

At 8:30 we were driven to the train station. We took the train to Nienburg to visit the Police Academy. They gave us a presentation about the academy and three students explained what it is like to study there, their expectations and why they decided to enter the academy. We had a practical part, we learnt how to take the mark of footprints. Laura de Freitas

On Tuesday, we went to five different companies. Bewernick, a textile company, Grecon Fagus-Werke, a company that makes wooden soles for shoes, Solvay GmbH, a chemical company, the Town Hall in Garbsen and HAZ, a newspaper. On these visits we learned about the kinds of jobs offered and the skills needed for these jobs. Some of the people who we met there were students in their training practice (trainee) or in their internship.

Here, in the following presentation, you can see a few pictures of all these visits.

This morning I took two buses and two trains to go to the Town Hall of Garbsen. There, with other Spanish, Hungarian, Norwegian and German students, we visited the different parts of the building, such as the meeting point or the conference room. Three trainees showed us a presentation with the main information of the type of work they do there. Iker Benito-Butron

In the morning, Tabea and I intended to meet Ola and Leire but we lost the train. Luckily, while we were waiting for the next one, we met Oihana, Leila (her partner), and some of the Norwegian and Hungarian people so we went with them in the train to Haz, the newspaper company.
Hanoversche Allgemeine, Neue Presse. This newspaper is one of the top 10 newspapers in Germany and it was founded by MADSACK in 2007.
We were privileged because we could see the newspaper printing "factory" and the 8th floor of the building. There, the journalists write their news about politics, sports, culture, art, celebrities, etc. It has been really interesting.
After that, we went to Hannover to have lunch. Then, we went to school for some hours to go on with Workshop II and III. We had a choice of 5 activities and we chose Photo-story. It has been very funny and I hope tomorrow it will be funny too.
After school, some of us went to the Kebab to have dinner. We had a good time there too, because the boss of the restaurant gave us free food only because we were Spanish!! And we taught him some Spanish words. Then, we stayed at Leila's house having fun and eating chocolate.
It has been a great day!
Naia Ostaikoetxea)

Today, Tuesday, I woke up very early, at 7 o'clock because some of us had to go to the shoe factory and it was too far. When we arrived there, they explained to us how they work and what you have to do to get a job in the factory. It was really interesting. Then we went to  school where we were divided in different groups. I was in the and I was in the advertisement workshop. We thought about the advertisement that we are going to prepare tomorrow. Then some of us went to eat a really good and big kebab. Then, a lot of us came to Laila's house and we had a lovely time all together. Amaia de Velasco

We started the day waking up at 11 o'clock in the morning. We had breakfast, we prepared ourselves to fight against the cold and we left home at 11:45. We picked up Alazne, Laura M and Aitana as their partners were at a prize delivery, and we went to our last company visit of the week. We visited a little textile factory and we were received by the boss of this company. She told us the amount of countries her company works with and the importance of every employee's job. She also told us that it's a family job that it only includes 7 employees. When we finished this little visit we went back to school and started with our workshops. I was assigned to do a film and Hungarian, Norwegian, German and Spanish students worked together for two full hours. At 6 pm we left school and Kübra, Alazne, Laura, Janika, Rickard, Svenja, Aitana, Jan Ole, Gorka and I met at the Café del Sol where we had a nice snack. After that, we all went back home, had dinner, and went to sleep, hoping that the following days would be as nice as the days before. Gaizka Criado

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