miércoles, 24 de febrero de 2016


As a COIN student of the year 2015-2016 I am proud to say that each one of us has done a great job up to now. We all enjoy what we do and that is what helps us put a lot of effort and love on it. We all started with doubts about how the subject was going to be, but I now may say that the results have been successful.
To get to know each other, we all prepared and gave a presentation about our holidays and after that, we all started working in groups. The projects for the first term were films as you may see in these presentations and pictures.

Aisha and Rafa talked about The Lord of the Rings.
Ignacio, Natalia and  me spoke about The Hunger Games trilogy.
Diego and Julio showed us a beautiful presentation about Avatar.

Here you have the  link to Naia and Borja's presentation:
The Perks of being a Wallflower

If you want to see what Jorge and Victor prepared, you can click on this other link:

For the second term, we carried out projects about Risky Sports.
We wanted to use Glogster but we had no way of making it work unless we paid for it, so we ended up using linoit. To use this new tool, first we had to learn how it worked and then, we also needed to use lots of other apps to get a good result. It took us longer but it was worth it.

Cliff Diving 
Water skiing

Finally here are a few pictures of us with our posters

We have already started with our new projects about English Speaking Countries. When we finish, we'll write another post so that you all can see what they look like.

I truly hope you like this post
Elena :)