domingo, 20 de noviembre de 2016


Saturday was a day with the families, and all of them had a wonderful time together. Parents, brothers and friends went to San Juan de Gaztelugatxe where they enjoyed the amazing landscape and Basque food.
Today was a sad day, time to say goodbye, but we are meeting again in March and we can feel very proud of our work and of this great experience.

Thank you to all the families for being such wonderful hosts.

sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2016


Friday: Presentations, Evaluation and Cultural Evening
In the morning we finished up  our work in the different workshops and by 11:30, after the break, we started giving our presentations.
First, the press group showed us the newspaper they had prepared and we all got a copy. In the newspaper we can read all the activities carried out during the week and some interviews.
Then the posters group explained the aspects that they had wanted to emphasize related to our topic. Youth unemployment means not having enough money, which leads to lack of independence from your parents and makes it really difficult to create your own family.
After that, we saw two different photo stories in which we could see the struggle of young people to find a job. Even though the job you find is not the one you had expected, our two stories had a positive ending!
The Comic group designed two comics. In one of them, the character has to improve his qualifications and soft skills to get a good job. The second comic showed The ¨Good¨ things about being unemployed - our students dealt with this problem using good humour and irony.
Finally, we watched the film created by 5 of our students, they were actors, directors, cameramen, editors…
We had two groups of students who had time to prepare a Cultural Quiz  and the Evaluation Questionnaire. After we played the quiz, we answered the Evaluation questionnaire and did a gallery walk with all our posters.
In the afternoon, we came back to school and we had time to have fun as you can see in the pictures!

jueves, 17 de noviembre de 2016


Today we started watching some videos with examples of how unemployment affects young people.

Then, it was time for us to carry out some creative work. There are 5 different workshops: designing posters and comics, making photo stories and films and, of course, the press group. The topic we are working on is the following one: personal and economic consequences of young unemployment.

Tomorrow we will carry on with our workshops and will give our final presentations.

Before finishing the day, we went to Tartanga Vocational Training School, where we had a great time. We learnt about the differrent courses that they offer there: audiovisuals, animation, games designing, 3D... They have all kinds of facilities and most of their studies are practical. As in all Vocational Training courses, working practice is part of their curriculum. The best part was to watch a live television contest with four of us as the contestants!

This afternoon we are going to have fun with a laser game in Bilbao.

miércoles, 16 de noviembre de 2016


Today, Wednesday 16th, has been a busy day .First, we listened  to a really interesting talk from Lanbide. Mr Adolfo Alustiza, current General Director of Lanbide in Vitoria-Gasteiz  and Mrs Gotzone Sagarduy, the former Head of Action on Employment and currently Member of the Basque Parliament  came to our school and told us how this institution contributes  to fight youth unemployment.
Then, we went to Bilbao for our two visits related to our project. First, we visited EITB, where we learned about how to work for radio and television and how journalists get jobs after their internships.In the afternoon, we had a guided visit to the Guggenheim Museum, where our teacher Lexuri did her internship.
It has been a wonderful, sunny day  with a lot of information that we can use in our workshops on Thursday and Friday. Now, we are going to visit Bilbao and do some shopping.

In the following pictures you can see our happy faces!!

martes, 15 de noviembre de 2016


Last Sunday all the families met at the airport. Everybody was very excited! The Norwegian friends arrived early and they all had time to go for a walk in Getxo.
On Monday we had a very busy day. The headmaster welcomed all the participants of the ERASMUS+ project, and after some ice breaking activities, we went to the Town Hall where Elena Larburu  from Getxolan presented some of the programmes that they organize for young unemployed people.
Back at school, we saw Imanol Landa, the Mayor of Getxo, who took part in the events organized for the 50th Anniversary of our school IES Julio Caro Baroja BHI.
After a break, we even had time to start working with the information that all the countries had uploaded on the e-Twinning platform.
Today, Tuesday, has been a busy day at school. We have finished our work and have given presentations. We have got three different speakers: Jose Luis Losada from Nicolás Larburu Vocational Training School, who has told us about the courses offered to young people, Lexuri Ayo, a teacher at school who did one year internship at the Guggenheim Museum and  Eduardo Berja, a young man who was a student at our school and got his degree in audiovisual studies in Tartanga Vocational Training School.

Finally, we have chosen the workshops we will be working in on Thursday and Friday and to finish up the day, all the students have gone on a Treasure Hunt in Getxo. Tomorrow, we will get their selfies!!!

sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2016

ERASMUS + 2016-2017

Hello again. It has been a few months since our last post!
This school year we are also taking part in our Erasmus+ project. We have new students, all of them studying 4º ESO, who want to go on working in the project we started last year about Youth Employment in Europe.
In September two of our teachers travelled to Wrzesnia in Poland where they met their colleagues in the project and prepared the work for this second year in detail.
In October, the new students prepared their profiles to be sent to their partners in Norway and wrote their expectations for this project year, then, the teachers showed them our blog and the e-Twinning platform where they can get all the information they need about our project.
After learning about the reasons of youth unemployment from the work carried out  by our students last year, our new students started doing their research about how  we fight youth unemployment in the Basque Country. Some students from 2º Bachillerato answered the questions prepared by the teachers about their hopes and fears for their future. We will use all this data in our meetings that are taking place next week in France, Hungary, Greece and here, in Getxo.
On Sunday a group of 15 students and two teachers from Norway are coming to Getxo for our first meeting.They will be spending a week with their partners taking part in a lot of activities and workshops at school.

All the families and students are looking forward to this new experience in their lives.