viernes, 25 de enero de 2013

"Flying through Europe" becomes the anthem for Comenius 20th Anniversary

Engines are getting ready.
Students taking part in the European Student Exchange in Germany have started their meetings after classes on Wednesday  to prepare the project. 
On this occassion they are studying  the Organization of the European Union: Parliament, Council, Commisions, Court of Justice and Central Bank. 
Next Wednesday they will search through the most important dates in the making of the European Union.

But, at the same time, they are rehearsing some Basque and English songs to be sung in Garbsen. The trikitixa will be played by Mireya Artabe, our teacher of signs.

As it will be a very especial celebration, they are doing their best. They have composed a song, a sort of anthem. Furthermore, they are making a new band for the occassion whose members, at the moment, are playing the piano, the clarinet, the guitar and maybe some percussion instruments and drums in a near future.
In the picture we can see them rehearsing enthusiastically.

jueves, 17 de enero de 2013

"Lucky Day", an appropiate comedy for young teenagers

Today our students have been to Bilbao to see the theatre performance “Lucky Day”.

 It’s not a Shakespearean comedy, but it’s a really very enjoyable play for young teenagers. They mix humour and music, they are aware of their audience and at the end the spectators applaud generously.

But, what's the plot?

Andy and Bob have very different ideas about fate. While Andy is sceptical of all things relating to luck, Bob insists on searching for clues about his future. But wait a second, what does it mean to be lucky? 

During the performance, the public are encouraged to take part, which makes it funnier.

Before and after the performance the students have been working on the play, first with the texts and then making a review.

Finally, they have spontaneously recorded their opinions. 

When asked about going to theatre in English next year, they all have answered unanimously:
  "Yes, please"