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DAY 7: State House and Museum of Science

State House and Museum of Science

by Oihana and Asier

I woke up at 6 o'clock, I had my everyday's  breakfast and we had to go to school. We had 1 lesson and then, we went to the State House of Massachusetts. After that, we walked fast because we were late for the Science Museum. It was INCREDIBLE!!! We had a lot of fun and we learnt so much! The thing  I liked best was the frog exhibits. There were a lot of different types of frogs and some of them were poisonous. There were a lot of funny things, but there were some other frightening things like bees and spiders...What shocked me most was seeing the birth of a chick while we were there. 

At 3 o'clock we took the bus and we returned to school. Some people went to watch a football match. Scituate Sailors won the match. It was so exciting!! At 7 o'clock some people went to a restaurant to have some hamburgers and finally at 8:30 we went home to sleep. 
It has been a very busy day!!

Day 7 State House and Science Museum

We arrived at school, and Alex's first lesson was "AP US Government". It was a very complicated subject, but it was interesting in some aspects.
Later, when the lesson f
inished, we went to the school library. We were there for about 10 minutes, and then, we took the school bus to Boston. When we arrived, we first went to the State House. There, a volunteer called Mary explained to us some history of the United States: some old presidents, the civil war, battles in Europe...etc. It was a little boring, but not bad at all...
After that, we went to the Science Museum. It was fantastic! There, we saw a lot of animals, new technology, robots...for two and a half hours. I really loved it.
Then, the bus picked us up and we came back to Scituate. There, at Scituate High School, we
all watched a female soccer game while Alex was training American Football.  Scituate girls won 4-0, and gave us a very good soccer lesson.
Later, we went to have dinner all together to a restaurant whose name was "TKO Malley's". I or
dered some chicken fingers and French fries. They were very tasty, and also very cheap. It was a great restaurant...
Then, to finish this day, we went to an ice cream shop and we bought some.
Finally, we came back home and as we were tired, we went to sleep in a few minutes.
That's all.


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