viernes, 28 de febrero de 2014

Welcome Home, to Europe

The Comenius Team at IES Julio Caro baroja BHI is so involved in the current  project that they spare no effort at work, illusion and creativity.
They have composed a new song, lead by J. Carlos Martínez, the composer, and Iratxe Cea, who did the arrangements. Ander Arias played the guitar, Ane Portillo the transverse flute and Endika Benito-Butrón the piano. The Comenius students' choir have been reahearsing at break all this week before the Carnival holidays to upload the video.

Welcome home, to Europe
I took my luggage. I headed to the airport.
My destination… What it was, I didn’t know,
I went through customs, I noticed no stop.
The birds and clouds in the sky just said:
Welcome home,
To Europe  (bis)
      I felt so easy, everybody opened  their doors.
My fears vanished in a melting fog
They lent me their hearts and their eyes.
I really felt at home
The banners, which flew in the sky, just said:
Welcome home,
To Europe   (bis)
You may live in Garbsen, or in Budapest
You may live in Bergen, or you may be French
You may live in Getxo, or maybe in Izmir,
You may live in Wresnia or Thesaloniki.
But we ‘ll always sing:
Welcome home,
To Europe
Welcome home,
To Europe

miércoles, 26 de febrero de 2014

Something amazing is happening in Comenius Meetings at school

Yes, something amazing is happening in Comenius Meetings at school.
We already know they are working hard all Wednesdays at the computer rooms. There is a lot of evidence about that.

But something special is happening. They are making teams. Teams which work at school times and on their free time.

What for? To be imageneers for the Trilateral Meeting at Julio Caro Baroja High School, next March 24th-28th when our Polish and Hungarians partners and friends come and visit us to end up the first part of the current Comenius Project.

domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

3-ESO-MET:Theatre Project

3-ESO-MET students have been working these days with a global Theatre Project in three languages: Basque, Spanish and English.
In English, the final product was to create a hand programme, such as the ones you can watch in the following PPT.

But before,  they had to prepare the project:
1. They searched classical and modern theatres in the net: Delphi (Greece), Coloseum (Rome), Piccadilli and National Theatre (London),Winter Garden, Minskoff or Ambassador (New York), Teatro Arriaga (Bilbao) Liceu (Barcelona) Teatro español (Madrid)

2. They prepared a Biography. Most of them wrote a biography on film actors as they scarsely know theatre actors.

3. The third part of the project was to write the plot of the famous play. Not surprisingly, William Shakespeare's plays are their favourite.

4. Finally, they presented their products by means of ppts.

Here are some videos of some of their presentations:

The other 3º ESO Courses also took part in the project, as we can see in the following PPT.

martes, 11 de febrero de 2014

IES Julio Caro Baroja's long tradition with Language Assistants

Our School has a long tradition with some aspects of the English Language Teaching. Perhaps, and apparently, student exchanges with the USA and Europe (Comenius Projects) are the most outstanding. However, Language Assistants and partnerships are not less important.
No doubt, our foreign language assistants motivate our students by making them feel that the languages are to be spoken.  They teach them the language and about the culture of their countries. And they do it through the speaking skills.
Names  such as Cody,  Lucas, Sophie, Laura, Giedre... and Hannah and Sherry will remain in our students’ mind  for ever.
Here is a brief  PPT about their time in IES Julio Caro Baroja BHI. We take this chance to remember them, now that Hannah has just left to go on with her new life and studies in Genéve (Switzerland).
We hope you will enjoy it… and they will bring you good memories.

domingo, 9 de febrero de 2014

Risky Sports, our second Project in COIN

As everybody knows, COIN is a different English course where students especially practise listening and speaking skills.  Our top tasks are the projects. And our second project is called Risky Sports.

Students of 1st Bach first seached on them in the net, prepared a script and finally made a glogster as a support for their oral presentation. In teams of two people they presented  Formula One, Climbing, Hang-gliding, Horse riding, Surfing, Rafting, Parachuting, Motocross, etc. (To watch the glogsters clik on them, above this line)

Risky Sports

Some of them were video recorded:

viernes, 7 de febrero de 2014

Improving Reading and English Literature

Students of 3-ESO have finished their first project on Reading. 
The book chosen was The Phantom of the Opera, a classical book by Jennifer Bassett.

They have both listened and read the book, made some written activities and finally they have prepared a project on the book. Most of them have made a flyer where besides the image presentation with pictures and drawings they had to write about the characters, the plot, some quotations and the author. Only a few prefered presenting the project by means of a PPT or a Glogster.

In the picture we can see one of the classes showing the flyers.

Later, they had to present their project orally before their classmates and finally they watched part of the well-known film.

Just on top and below this line you can see the presentations made by Víctor, Christian and Ibon.

Finally, the students in T-Com 3º1 had the opportunity to enjoy all the film. They loved this musical and learned a little bit about rhymes.  They wrote a review mentioning the similarities and differences between the book they had read and the film and they didn't forget to give their opinion.

In these links you have two examples of their work. Review  Presentation