viernes, 17 de marzo de 2017


On Thursday, first of all, we started with a presentation of NAV. A representative of this organization talked about what  that company does to help people find a job. They do some research in different companies to give you the best option. She also told us about how important soft skills are in order to get a job. After that, we continued with the workshops. We worked in different groups about the  economic situation, soft skills and internship.Some of us also prepared a magazine and a newspapaer with information about the activities carried out during the week.  
We had lunch at the cafe, we ate a typical taco salad. In the afternoon, most of us finished with our tasks in the workshops.We left  the school at about 3 pm and we went home to prepare some dessert for the national evening, for example browni, cakes and biscuits.
At 5 o'clock we went to school again for the national evening, all of as were there. We had a wonderful dinner with tipical Norwegian dishes and we danced and had fun until we got tired. Finally, we went home and this fantastic day ended.

On Friday we started the day with a conversation via skype with Germany and Poland. We shared our conclusions about the chances to get an internship. It seems that is is very difficult to get internships for foreign students of our age.
Then we prepared our oral presentations and performed some role plays.We performed an interview in which some of us were applying for a job and some others were the employers. We had to remember what we had learned throught the week to do this task correctly!
In the cafeteria we ate a really good pizza with salad and water and a bluberry cake.
After  lunch we gave our oral presentations about the different workshops. We had a brochure, a newspaper, a magazine, some posters, documents and slide presentations! Finally, we carried out the evaluation answering to a google questionnaire on our phones.

In the afternoon, we went to the city to know more about Bergen and some of us went shopping, we had  dinner at Mc Donalds.

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