miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017


On Tuesday,we started class at 8:30 am and finished at 10 o´clock. We were working in the same groups as on Monday, completing the subjects. Then we had a little break until 10:15 am and after that we started five new workshops. We worked on different aspects such as: internships, soft skills... After that we had lunch, from 11:30 to 12 o´clock, we ate rice and chicken soup.
Finally at 14 o´clock we finished the workshops and then the funny part started. Everybody went to their houses and had dinner. At around 6 pm we met in the center of Bergen, and all we did that evening was shopping. We had fun!!

Hi! Wednesday has been a very exciting day!

In the morning, we went to the Institute of marine research.First,the director of the institute told us about Bergen, and then, he explained how much fish and how many different species there are in Norway. He also told us what kind of soft skills people need to get a job there.Then, we went to the aquarium , where we saw the penguins  and all types of fish.

When the visit finished, we went to Leroy (which is a salmon factory).There, they told us about the process of the salmon, from the moment it is born until is is sold. When they  finished the speech, they gave us sushi, which we ate sucessfully!

In the afternoon, we went to Fløien mountain.There, we saw all of Bergen and then we got into 3 groups. One group went to Lea´s house. Another group to Stine´s house. And the other group went to Eda´s house. We all played games and ate Tacos.

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