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Day 12: Last Day Family Lunch

Katie Milligan

Today was our last full day in Getxo. The night before, we were all together for a while and got home a little later than normal, so we slept in in the morning. My exchange partner, Maialen, and I spent our morning eating breakfast, watching TV, and getting ready for the afternoon together. 

At 2, we left to go to a lunch together, where I sat with Maialen and her brother, among others. We ate salads and croquetas, bread and seasoned peppers. We took lots of pictures with our families and as a group as well, and then the students all left for Bilbao by metro. There, we walked around for a while and then relaxed together in the park, and then headed home by metro. 

After being home for a little, we all left for dinner at a small restaurant with different sandwiches and salads and pasta, and then Maialen and I left for home. Going back to the flat for the last time, I realized how much it had become my home and how much I would miss being here with my wonderful family in the beautiful Basque Country.

So today was the big closer to our amazing trip! 
To start off, all of us got to sleep in which was great, and well deserved. All of us had breakfasts in their own houses, but we then all collectively had lunch together, mostly as a farewell party. 
The food was amazing, there was chicken, Spanish omelettes, French fries, salad, peppers, and lots of soda. We all chatted with each other along with all of the parents of the exchange students as well. To finish the lunch off, we had ice cream!
 After the lunch, we all took family pictures, and then one huge group photo. Once the parents left, we then headed off to Bilbao to do some shopping. All of us got gifts for our families (and some things for ourselves).
 Later, we took a walk in the park, which was very relaxing. All of us found a bench and just rested. Eventually, everyone wanted to go home, so took the train back.
 Later that night, we all had dinner; which was delicious! Everyone had a sandwich of some kind and all had good reviews. Once everyone had finished their meal, we all headed home.

Leah Kelly
We got to sleep in late this morning before having our farewell lunch. We arrived around 2 pm and gathered in a room with all of the families. We had a great time together and got to talk to everyone and be together as a group.  After lunch, we took a lot of pictures with our friends to capture the memories made

Then, we took the metro to Bilbao for a final shopping trip and visit to the city. We went to a street lined with many different stores and spent some time there. We were able to shop for clothes and final gifts to bring home. We took a walk afterwards to a nearby park. We all sat in the grass and on benches and enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather of the day. 

Finally, we met as a group for dinner. We got to sit outside and have a final dinner with each other before sadly we have to leave early tomorrow morning. 
Saying goodbye will be very sad!

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