miércoles, 19 de abril de 2017

Madrid, Day 2

by Megan and Avery

Today we began our day with breakfast at the hotel and then started our journey to      El PradoCarlos first guided the group to La Plaza de Cibeles, Puerta de Alcalá and finally El Retiro in which we were given time to explore the area on our own. We were lucky enough to rent a boat for a short while and bask in the beautiful Spanish sun. After our boat ride, we walked to the Jardin de los Recuerdos, lined with trees that looked like they were drawn in a Dr. Suess book. I had never seen such a serene and calming setting. The flowers were perfectly placed alongside with an arrangement of trees that amazingly made me feel comfortable and at home.     
Only a minute away from the garden was the Prado Museum. In the Prado we were able to see the artwork of famous Spanish artists such as Velazquez, Goya, and el Greco. We learned about these artists in Spanish class, so it was amazing to actually see all their art. It was incredible to see all this, it's crazy to think that the pieces in front of my eyes were made hundreds of years ago by extremely famous artists. My favorite piece was "Los borrachos", it was so much bigger than I expected, I can't imagine the hard work and dedication it took to create it. 
A few hours later we went on a guided walk around Madrid. One of the most impressive parts was the street that many famous Spanish writers used to live on. There were quotes from famous writers written on the street, it made me realize the amazing significance of the area and I felt so special and inspired being in the same area where so great pieces of literature were written. 
At night, to end our day, we went to a flamenco show. I can't believe how quickly the dancers' feet and hands moved! I wish I was that talented. I'm so impressed with the richness of the Spanish culture and I can't wait to experience the even more unique Basque culture soon. We never want to leave this wonderful city!!! 

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