jueves, 20 de abril de 2017

Day 3 - Madrid -Segovia - Getxo

Julia Cuneo y Sam Hasett

Today we went to the Reina Sophia Museum. We went through a Pablo Picasso exhibit, where we saw the painting Guernica. It was very interesting because we had learned about Guernica in class, so we were excited to see it in person. The museum is for modern art, so we also saw paintings by Salvador Dali, Joan Miró  and other modern artists.
After the Reina Sophia, we walked to the Madrid train station, called the Atocha. In 2004 there was a terrorist attack at Atocha, so we went into a memorial room. The room was very big and open and in the center there was a dome in the ceiling that was clear and let light into the room and had words in all different languages etched into it. In another part of the train station there was a big pond where we saw lots of turtles.

After leaving Madrid we got on the bus and were lucky enough to get a couple hours of sleep. We stopped in Segovia a gorgeous town north of Madrid, and spent a few hours exploring. We walked as a group from the famous aquaduct over 2000 years old  to La Plaza Mayor which is a small square surrounded by buildings and a cathedral. We had free time to get lunch and do some shopping, we stopped at a bakery and got pastries for lunch. An hour later we walked to the Segovia Alcazar, a beautiful castle towards the end of Segovia. Despite the many narrows staircases in the castle the view at the top of the tower was amazing. The pictures we took don't compare to the live view we experienced in Segovia. 
We finally met up with our exchange partners. The bus was filled with excitement and nerves as we pulled up. Everyone was holding signs and cheering and we were so excited to be reunited with them again! 

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